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The Truth Shop, Inc.
The mission of The Truth Shop is to provide our community with God-honoring gifts, books, music and related materials in a sanctuary-type environment that glorifies God. We strive to help people deepen their understanding of Biblical truths through the availability of excellent products, personal education and customer service.

While many around us said, “you can’t possibly have a retail store with four owners, especially four women,” we said, “we know we can’t, but God can!” and He has. The Truth Shop is the actualization of God’s working in the lives of four separate individuals. Jan Longo, who dreamed of a Christian store that would give the shopper an experience not unlike that of the Barnes and Noble that she had visited as a respite from some stressful times in her life, trusted that God could make it happen. Likewise, God was moving in the heart of Michelle Hurst who, as a new believer, was so grateful for what God had done in her life that she felt called to share that knowledge and experience with others. Monique Pepper also felt this was what God was directing her toward, after years of working on non-profit benefits and managing a busy home. And Carol Clark marveled at the ways that God had prepared her for this calling through previous jobs and life experiences. While all four of us worship at different churches, we are united by our desire to spread God’s word to believers and non-believers. Our retail location carries the top Bibles, books and music as well as a selection of gifts, including hand-crafted items by area Christian artisans. Our web site offers access to over 100,000 book and music titles, offering you a safe and convenient way to purchase Christian products items on-line. So whether you shop on-line or in our store, we pray that you will find just the right thing to bring you closer to the friendship of God.
Store Hours:
Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Closed Sunday